torsdag 17 december 2009

Bikes: Christmas card Copperknob memories

When times flys by it´s easy to forget all the hard job you put in to a specific bike: In my case the Copperknob copy. A mail from a freind put me on the memory track and I start thinking.
So just a few days before christmas I want to send expression of gratitude to everyone how have helpt me with this bike.

To see the original:
My "copperknob" 2005

-at the test track! photo Mats Olofsson

first start: Ove, me and Mats
- on the start roller: Emil, Ove and me

It´s a live!!!

-the firts, firts test: Kaj acts as puscher..on the road

-fuck it´s dead..........


-on the worktable...

so fu.... beautiful......JAP

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