torsdag 23 september 2010

Art: Motorcycle as an art

Klart att det är konst!

..från Sture MR Honda

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  1. Några citat ur tidningen:

    "It is easy to pick out the expert motorcyclist. To see him pass by is sufficient. One observes the manner in which he sits on his machine, he is so obviously at ease, riding, yes but almost as relaxed as if at home in an easy chair with his pipe. And the impression that here is a true expert is immediately confirmed by the fact that he wafts along the highway without flurry or fuss or noise."

    "Cleaving through the air is an exhilarating feature of riding a motorcycle, but it is important to ensure that one has adequate riding apparel. A long Mackintosh, stout boots and a warm knitted scarf are all highly recomended as are flying goggles and a safety helmet of strong leather manufacture with a cork lining."

    "Pay extra heed when riding through suburbia at 11pm. This is the time that dogs are let out before being put to bed."