lördag 2 februari 2013

Bikes: Yamaha 125 racer Gyt kit

Just nu på E-bay.."1968" Yamaha Gyt Kittad.

This bike is a replica of a later TA125 and is period correct for late 1960's Road Racing. It includes a Gyt Kit and a rare Ascot Ignition. The Gyt Kit includes carburetors, NOS pistons and rings, pipes, and aluminum cylinders with chrome bore. (Note - Only the pistons and rings are NOS).

The bike was built by a former Pit Crew Member to duplicate the bike ridden by Canadian rider Duane McDaniels, who raced a similar bike successfully in the late 1960’s and beat world champion Yvon Duhamel  in the 125cc Class. 

.. notera racing magneten, jag har en likadan på min GYT racer, den har inte funkat bra trots att den var flong ny! ..Kan se att denna är kopplad direkt till spolarna, min var kopplad till tändspolar!! ..hmmm

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