tisdag 27 november 2012

Bikes: Honda CLASSIC RACER RC111

Om jag hade pengar, tam, ta tamm ata tam eller hur den låten går!
Just nu på E-bay endast  ca 32.000 dollar, 20 timmar kvar!!

Honda RC111 roadracer The RC111 is the version factory used for the factoryriders, engine looks outside the same as CR110, but cranckcase and many parts inside are very different, for more power and more revs.Make also more and different sound !CR110 was made for easy riding for privatiers.RC111 was made for more experience factoryriders. Fairing is aluminium like all Honda factorybikes.Frame is replica, engine original Honda RC111 with 8 speed gearbox. Engine was a new engine 2 years ago. Only used twice on the circuit for about 12 rounds. Engine runs perfect !

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