tisdag 27 november 2012

GP 4 shoe yamaha front brake wm1 rim Rare

Magnesium Hub Yamaha 250cc

Ni tittar just nu på en verklig raritet ett Magnesium nav och förmodligen det enda som gjorts till Yamaha! (läs text nedan)  Detta nav ligger just nu på E-bay, och vill du ha det så får du lägga upp 9.600 dollar!

Your looking at what I believe is one of only several ever made, VERY VERY RARE Special  Works  Yamaha  260MM 4 shoe Magnesium Hub with Magnesium brake shoes and a Wm1 alloy 18 inch rim. Inside width of rin 1 5/8 41MM axle dia 15MM brake shoe width 27MM  The alloy rim has stamped Yamaha Model # ( YX05 )  It is from I believe one of several special  built Yamaha 350 two cly 2 stroke Roadracer which raced at Daytona in I think 1966 1967 1968  They use RD56 frames and gas tank, I am quessing it was raced from 1966 to 1968.  I hope to find a photo of one of the early GP 350cc bike to compare the front brake backing plate that has a slot that locates the backing  plate on a lug on the front lower fork tubes.       If any one has a photo and knows the year i will post it if sent the information                       1 / 16 / 2009  REVISED Several people have looked at photos an agree the Very RARE Magnesium Yamaha wheel was used on the  special built for Daytona 2 clylinder  350cc factory Grand Prix Roadracer in 1966 thru 1968

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